The Inner Temple Dog Show

Last Sunday, I was on volunteer duty at the Inner Temple Dog Show.  My favourite part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival.  The sun was blazing as hounds both small and tall, wagged tails in the garden to celebrate the bond between Gardener and Dog.   Not since Crufts have I seen such variety of breeds - from Pomeranian, to Beagle and one huge bear of a New Foundland.  I cuddled at least three 12 week old cockapoos, clearly winning in the popularity stakes.  

The Inner temple garden couldn’t have been a more fitting setting with fox gloves and alliums glowing up in the high borders.  During the weekday lunch hours the garden fills with sun seekers from nearby Chambers.  But this was a rare weekend chance to enjoy this hidden botanical paradise in central London.  Head Gardener Andrea Brunsendorf and her team share a magical vision for the three acre garden. 

I bumped into Hilary from Fisher London and Bridie of Pentreath & Hall with her poodle Max who looked as if his winning rosette was made for him!  Such a star of the show.  

Don’t miss all the great Chelsea Fringe events coming up over the next two weeks. And you can book to visit the Inner Temple Garden on Tuesday 13th of June.  Or visit on your lunch break!