Old fashioned correspondence

My illustrated envelope correspondence sets have finally arrived in my shop.  The elegant swan is now joined by the dachshund (available to pre order for April delivery).  

Hand printed in England, from British paper stock, they revive the 18th &19th century tradition for illustrated letters. A time, when we communicated in a more meaningful way.  I hope my sets prove to be a very modern antidote to the digital world. 

You might know from instagram that I’m mounting a campaign to return to letter writing.  A call to all arms fountain pens to use proper stationery and send fewer emails.  The type of letters opened first, not the boring brown ones. 

The best purchase I’ve made has been my Lilliput fountain pen by Kaweco  ( no more biros!) My writing has improved and it helps commit ideas to my memory.  I’m a huge believer in making the everyday special, from pens to envelopes and the tea I pour.  

I’m planning to hold a letter writing evening this Spring, to spend a few hours putting pen to paper and meet blog readers who like me want to get back to good old fashioned correspondence.  We can talk ink colours, cartridges and nibs.  I’ll keep you posted on the date.