Four poster beds

There wasn’t much reason to leave the house last week.  Frosty morns that never melt and dimly lit days.  My Father would be horrified by the amount I’ve worn my dressing gown (the man is dressed by 7.30 am sharp).  The ‘four poster bed’ was my appropriate theme last week on instagram.  For a second, let’s dream of owning a cloud like four poster frame and hole in till spring.  Clamber in, Sibyl Fawlty style with a box of chocolates and phone a friend. 

If you are renting, the best four poster bed to rest your peepers on in London, is Townhouse, Spitalfields.   No peas under this mattress, all those in the know stay here when ‘in town.” Frances Palmer the potter stayed last month. Book it now before someone else does.  

If you are in the market to buy a four poster without the fuss, I always think Max Rolitt has the best ones.  They have a sense of presence in the rooms he designs without stealing the light.  Softened with floral backdrops, his four poster beds balance the modern and traditional.  

The antique ones you can pick up at auction are beautiful.  But can mean a sardine like squeeze or worse still cold ankles!  Much better to source old posts, find great carpenter to build your own frame and a curtain maker to run up a canopy.  If I sound experienced in this subject.  I am not.  An ex boyfriend’s father insisted on having one built in his dormitory at school, and this is how their family always built them.  When I have a bedroom big enough not to crash into the wardrobe when pulling on tights, the first thing I’m doing is building a four poster.