Illustrated envelopes


Lost down a rabbit hole of Pinterest in December, I found myself ‘pinning’ old illustrated envelopes.  There’s a great tradition of illustrators sending their publishers customised stationery.  And, I started thinking it was a shame the humble envelope has become the mere curtains to the main event….the card inside.  Why not design beautiful envelopes to show off postcodes!

There can be nothing nicer than a heavyweight envelope, my favourite place to shop for these being Shepherds Bookbinders in Victoria, London.  An inspirational shop, I always surprised more people don’t know about.  Over Christmas, I picked up some pastel ones from Paperchase which are a little on the thin side but nice to draw on. 

I’m not really into resolutions, but I’m hoping all my 2017 correspondence will be beautifully illustrated.  Will I create havoc for Royal Mail I hear you say?  I know for a fact, all tricky to read post is shown for five seconds (or so) to a room of people who decipher poorly written postcodes daily.  So let’s hope my envelope spreads a little joy.   Next on my wishlist, is a fountain pen.