William Morris Gallery

Have you passed by the William Morris gallery recently? If not, you must!  

Lloyd park has really come into it’s own this summer since the gallery was refurbished in 2012.  It all looked a bit stark back then.  But this summer, the planting looks spectacularly Arts and Crafts.  As if Gertrude Jekyll might be lurking in those beds.  And I often find myself strolling round there in the evenings and lunchtimes. 

There’s height and thistles and poppies!  All of which beautifully frame The Warner estate Victorian maisonettes on the edge of the park.  My home is a similar style and I’m looking forward to seeing my Parker Knoll armchair upholstered in William Morris’ iconic Willow Bough fabric. It seems a fitting connection to the area and the period my flat was built in. 

Being a designer, I couldn’t help sketch up a quick illustration of what my chair might look like.  

The William Morris gallery itself is a Georgian masterpiece, those curves are perfection.  I used Willow Bough instead of trees in to this sketch too.  

Then there’s the painting upstairs ‘The Swans,’ which I always steal a glimpse of. Painted by Frank Brangwyn, an apprentice of William Morris.  The warmth of the colours and dappled sunlight on the swan’s feathers is exquisite.  It feels like diving into a Morris pattern.