Lampshade painting with Cressida Bell

Listening to radio 4, whilst swirling green paint onto a lampshade in Cressida Bell’s Hackney studio is how I want every Tuesday to start.  Colours and patterns dance round the room as Cressida chats away to us, sanding down the most beautiful painted door commission.

 The pre-printed black background of my tulips design is forgiving on my unsteady hand as I liberally daub the white of the lampshade with a paintbrush.  Watering down my red pigment, to do my own pink flame spin on Cressida’s design.  

Last summer, I blogged about visiting her Grandparents’ home, Charleston Farmhouse.  Her Bloomsbury set forbears are such an inspiration.  And Cressida’s unique designs are the perfect antidote to modern life.  They adorn cakes, iPhone cases, lamps, scarves and doors.  In her own words: “anything that can take a pattern.”

So the chance to try my hand at one of her lampshade painting kits was a real treat.  I love the new colouring in craze and try to draw at least once a day myself.  It’s relaxing and good for the soul.  Having a decorative object to take home and admire is all the more special too. 

My tulips lampshade has found a home with an antique alabaster base on my bedside table.  Sitting by a burgeoning stack of books I’m reading, it’s a wonderful reminder of the day.  

Cressida’s next lampshade painting Masterclass will be on 10th of September.  You can realise your own design or paint a pre printed versions.  Or try your hand at one of the lampshade painting kits as I did, available to purchase here.