Broad beans

As a child, no lunch held more fear than the dreaded words “……lots of broad beans.” Tough, rubbery casings which no amount of jaw nashing could break down.  Bribery with pudding wouldn’t wash with me.  Looking back on it now, I was jolly lucky to eat home grown vegetables.  People dig deep into their purses for that sort of thing now.  

Despite my Father protesting otherwise, some taste buds just don’t grow with age.  Until that is, I started having a Riverford vegetable box delivered.  Those verdant green pods have started cropping up weekly now the season is in full swing.  

Podding them is a joy: who doesn’t love running their thumb down the teddy bear soft interior.  The organic duvet for beans! And since I’ve discovered the Mediterranean method of double podding (boil for 3 mins and slip them out of their rubbery skins), broad beans and I are now firm friends.  Even if it is a bit of a faff. 

This Riverford recipe for broad bean bruschetta is a lunchtime favourite.  It celebrates their light, fresh taste and reminds me of the better culinary memories of my childhood.  

Broad beans have also become the subject for my usual Sunday night series of ‘Thank you cards.’  I’m quite enjoying the ‘dancing bean’ design.  Spode Blue Italian china shows off their jade green jackets perfectly. 


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I’ve always admired the broad bean’s design, I’ve just been a latecomer to the feast.