Sweet peas.....

This summer has been my first attempt at growing sweet peas.  I’ve battled with ‘snail gate’ and spent hours coaxing them up the trellis.  And now they’ve arrived, I cherish picking them daily.  Knowing their sweet scent is all too fleeting, I move them round the house with me, wherever I am.  They are the very essence of an English summer. 


I even sat down and drew them the morning of my friend Anna’s wedding as a card.  Drawing for pleasure rather than work (handbag design) is something I haven’t done for years.   Something I’m planning on doing a lot more of.  

Incidentally, Anna’s mother’s sweet peas were the sweetest and leggiest I’ve admired this year - Kings sweet peas from Suffolk are her secret 

And I love this terraced “two up two down” in my neighbourhood, covered in wild sweet peas. 

I always keep a stash of these gilt edge cards from Bridge & Company, which I fashion into birthday and thank you cards as and when.  

Gilt edge cards

One sweet pea card turned into a mini series, my desk covered!  I love their fragile lines, gently rippled and on other petals smooth.  

I started off colouring in with pencils I haven’t sharpened since St Martins days.  The saturation of colour wasn’t quite hitting the spot, so I turned to highlighters.  The cheap office supply type I had lying round.  Yes, I know sweet peas don’t come in highlighter orange……call it artistic license!