Dolling up my dolls house

After posting my video on wallpapering my dolls house, I had lots of emails asking where I bought the marbled papers and dolls house from.  So here is a post with a little more background detail. 

Last year, I found a dolls house in a junk shop driving back from Cowley, Oxford. I ended up using it as a cupboard for all my lotions and potions, space is at a premium in my flat.  Originally, I had planned to paint it, but I ended up enjoying its austere finish.  

It was only a matter of time before I could resist tinkering with it though.  I woke up one day and decided it had to be decorated marbled book endpapers.   Always impatient to start a project, I wanted to use one colour per floor, but ran out of the pink.  ‘Preparation is key,’ as my brother always says. 

The green and blue colourways of the marbled paper were bought from Payhembury . They have the most beautiful selection of hand marbled patterns which you can order online here.

The pink colourway is digitally printed from Shepherds London, their shop in Victoria is a perennial favourite.  You can’t help but feel inspired by their beautiful selection of endpapers, Japanese stationary and bookbinding equipment.   I rarely leave empty handed. 

I keep body creams and hairspray and in the roof.  Perfume and makeup upstairs, face creams live downstairs.  There’s a one in one out policy on the door; I’m not allowed to buy a lipstick till the old one has run out.  That way, the cupboard stays under control. 

In case you have never seen how marbled paper is made, here is a great little video;