Malplaquet House

Everybody secretly likes a bit of Right Move don't they? It's become the sort of 'Tinder' of property.  You don't have to be on the market, to be in the game.  The price you paid for your bricks and mortar is written on the wall for all to see too.  Nosey friends have freely admitted to checking how much other friends have paid for homes.  And don't tell me you haven't looked up how much 'down the road' went for!  

Am I too British in saying I find it all a little bit awkward?  When did it become acceptable to disclose how much your home has increased in value at dinner parties? First and foremost, a home is a home, your sanctuary at the end of a brutal day in the office. 

 That being said, I'm more than happy to indulge in some house stalking for somewhere I've had my eye on for years but am certainly not in the market for.  A bit of mid week house envy in the form of Malpaquet House (listed here)

I've read a number of articles in the Telegraph and Spitalfields Life about Tim Knox and Todd Longstaffe-Gowan's East London home.  There's more than a whiff of the Sir John Soane's Museum about it, which Tim used to be a Director of.  



malplaquet house, Photo courtesy of Carla


photo courtesy of Pinterest

photo by Will Pryce

I'm often of the opinion that houses are sometimes just as lucky to find their owners, which in this case is very true.  Tim and Todd have lovingly restored the house which they purchased from the Spitalfields Trust in 1997. They are tastemakers with authenticity and a voracious appetite for curating.  And I admire their aesthetic which is not to everyone's idea of comfortable living.  It has been compared to Miss Haversham's Satis House on more than one occasion.  

Perhaps Tim and Todd could be persuaded to do one last open house day before they move???? Somebody must know them to ask?  I imagine packing will take weeks if not months!