Witch Balls

Today is the Second Sunday of Advent, so early this year!  I’ve had a stab at decorating and am now writing this amongst reams of crepe paper streamers strewn around my flat.  I’ll post some pictures up once I’m finished. 

I’d forgotten about all about ‘witch balls,’ till I saw one hanging in @tradchap ‘s window.   Then I remembered Ben Pentreath’s one hanging in a past Christmas from The Parsonage.  Of course they aren’t Christmas decorations as such, but they come into their own at this time of year.  Twinkling low winter light and reflections across the room.  They look beautiful strung up in groups on ribbons, as the image from ‘Homes and Antiques.’  Being a purist, I like just one giant Victorian one, preferably gold, in the bay window to ward off evil spirits.    Or robbers – they are also known as ‘Watch balls.’

I meant to buy one last year and completely forgot.  After all the decorations are packed away in January, it’s lovely to have such a dazzling object hanging when the house seems so bare.  If like me you’ve left it too late, you could buy one of the new mercurised glass ones below.  I’ll be holding out for an old coloured one though.  I’m sure somebody has one stashed away somewhere they might sell me?