Festive decor

I don’t know what has got into me this Christmas.  I’ve abandoned my usual trad ‘Mum and Dad,’ style and gone wild with the crepe paper streamers.  Which I think was quite a big look in the 1930s, but looks more ‘piñata party’ than Victoriana.  Not quite how the vision began.   The tented ceiling feels very hygge though and went up in no time at all with one (unwilling) brother and a roll of scotch tape. 

The Staffordshire cats, have got their December bows on. keeping the waxy leaved satsumas company.  I love foraging what I can from the garden, bay, ivy and rosemary all make pretty additions.  Strewn across the mantelpiece, tied round the bannister and sprigs tucked balloon back chairs with ribbons.  The Wedgwood vases get their festive bunches of eucalyptus and jewel like red berries. 

And before you all get too hung up on the perfect notion of Christmas, I’ll let you into a secret - I, an educated, responsible adult left a candle burning ( I know!) on the mantelpiece and it fell against the wall and burned right through to the plaster.  I spent last weekend ironing wax off the walls, and stirring up a five year old tin of Farrow & Ball, praying the colour still matched.   A mini paint roller and a round of photoshop was my penance!  Happy Christmas dear reader and thank you for following me this year.