After months of sitting on the ‘to do’ list, I’ve finally activated the SUBSCRIBE button on my blog.  Sign up and you’ll never miss one of my posts, t’will be delivered to your inbox! Yes I know you’ve been bombarded by Black Friday emails, but I like to think my little world of sketches, crumbling country piles and English interiors holds a greater appeal.    

To celebrate, if you sign up before the 15th of December, I will pick one subscriber (at random) and draw an A4 portrait of the winner’s house in black ink.  I might have to do it over Christmas, mince pie in hand. 

Even as a child I loved drawing bricks and mortar and sometimes regret not studying architecture.  Since going freelance, I’ve finally had to the time to start drawing for pleasure again, instead of just spec’ drawings for handbag designs.  And it’s a joy!  Hours fly by, lost in BBC radio plays and felt tips.  The blog has become, well, an illustrated journal of all the themes I love and discuss. If you ever have any requests, drop me an email, I love hearing from you.