Constance Spry

Constance Spry needs little introduction.  As a reader sharing my aesthetic, I’m sure you are already a big fan, knowing that she had the most extraordinary life, always ahead of her time.  I was in my element illustrating flowers she’d arranged and it’s a theme I want to return to. 

And as we’ve all devoured The Crown on Netflix, what could be nicer than sifting through some vintage society wedding photos?  Constance was the ‘go–to’ florist for impending nuptials and there could be no higher stamp of approval than a royal one!  Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Lady Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott all called on her.  Even one disgraced Wallis in exile had to have the Spry touch.  She festooned brides and churches with lightness and delicacy to her work.  Dipping spring flower garlands (for bridesmaids) in white wash for Cecil Beaton’s sister Nancy whose vision for his sister was a ‘Snow Queen.’ 

CP is rightly having her moment again, inspiring legions of florists.  Flower power has never been more popular on instagramJonathan Anderson recently commissioned Steven Miesel to photograph floral arrangements by Ariel Dearie inspired by Spry’s work for the new Loewe store in Madrid.  Funny then to think that James Dyson resigned in protest from The Design Museum’s board over an exhibition of her work in 2004.  Sorry James, Constance is all style and all substance.