Chintz isn’t the easiest interiors look to pull off in these minimalist times.  It needs to have that ‘lived in’ feel that only 10 years of Sunday papers by the fire, dogs snoozing and loose covers can achieve.  Its what I like to call ‘Mum and Dad’ style.  Timeless and warm.  Get it wrong and you’re a row of bunting away from cupcakes territory.   

My ultimate chintz poster girl is The Duchess of Devonshire.  Chatsworth must have been draughty digs for any girl.  After the Duke’s death she moved into the ‘cosy’ eight bedroom vicarage on the edge of the estate.  Like her mother, she never consulted an interior designer; “I can’t live with someone else’s ideas,” she explained.  The chintz sofa was the anchor of her sitting room, painted in the prettiest hue of ballet pink. 

“I expect we shall be terrifically poor,” Debo wrote to Diana shortly before her wedding. “But think how nice it will be to have as many dear dogs and things as one likes without anyone to say they must get off the furniture.”

If I can take away one idea from my chintz week on instagram, it’s the beauty of sinking into chintzy floral armchairs and sofas.  I’m championing an 80s style comeback for matching headboards, wallpaper and curtains too.  That’s where you’ll find me retreating to, curled up with ‘Love in a cold climate,’ and avoiding the political turmoil of last week.  Bliss.