Two dream houses

Did you catch some of my instagram posts over the weekend? I stayed with my friend Henrie’s parents in Norfolk, with no reception.  Heaven! ‘The Pink bedroom,’ sent me to zzzzzz for 10 hours, unheard of for me.  I’d describe it as a Mary Poppins meets Princess Diana room.    I still love the sweeping romance of a timeless country house; matching curtains, pelmets, wallpaper and counterpanes. A look which the ‘fifty shades of grey generation’ seem so afraid of these days, everyone except beloved Jean Monro.   The brand keeping the chintz flame burning!

You wouldn’t believe the family have only lived there for ten years.  The rooms look as if they have always been thus.  My hosts clearly have a real sense of style and gift for interiors.  Each room has just got the magic! They are also selling up and on the look out for a new house.  I hope a new buyer keeps the wallpapers at The Rectory, it’s perfection just the way it is. 

They also took me to an open viewing of a Tudor Gatehouse.  Another impossibly dreamy house, the sort you’d expect to see Restoration man George Clarke drawing up plans for.  It was a flying visit (we were late) so I didn’t take many pictures inside, it’s in a sorry state.   A total money pit, I’d hazard a guess it has every structural issue known to man.  After all it has stood/tilted upright since 1613.  You don’t buy these types of houses because they make financial sense.  Deep pockets, perseverance and an iron will are required.  My little terraced flat is fine for now.  But making an extraordinary building my home is definitely part of the plan.  Two fantasy houses in one weekend….joyous!