Designing Christmas cards

The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on some Christmas card illustration commissions.  You might think it’s hard getting into the festive swing of things in October.  However, I’m so used to designing handbags 12 months in advance, it doesn’t remotely phase me. 

I love this picture of Victorian children gathering round to see the latest designs.  When stamps were really quite expensive.  And, the act of receiving a handwritten card must have been a real event!  You can’t always get round to seeing everyone you love in a year, but penning a fond message in a Christmas card shows you have not forgotten them.  Some of the prettiest designs I found came from the 1920s and 30s; 

Using my new favourite fluid black Pentel pocket brush, I’ve gone for a vintage look - minimal red and green for my designs.  I like to let the quality of the line do the talking.  Not over embellish.  Who doesn’t love a Christmas cat! 

Miss Pud Cat

Spaniel with Mistletoe

Also, clever Papier have a beautiful selection of cards you can personalise.  They then print them in the UK  (most printing is done from China) and send on to your beloved.  

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