William Morris

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I dedicated last week to William Morris.  Morris’ designs come into their element in Autumn: ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.’ 

Perhaps (like me) you also grew up bouncing round on a ‘Golden Lily’ Morris print sofa? Every household in the 80s seemed to have one.  “Don’t you fancy a change after 30 years?” asked the interior designer, when my Mother ordered the reupholstery in Golden Lily AGAIN!  It arrived, pristine, all swirling with rich pattern.   “Do you love it?” I asked, to which she replied; “No! It’s far too bright!” Another ten years of sun might just take the edge off then!

William has also been the source of inspiration for #sketchaday, my new challenge.  I’ll be posting daily on instagram and using them to illustrate my blog. Here are my latest sketches - a Sussex chair, dream Howard sofa in Brer rabbit, Klemscott Manor and the man himself. 

Residing so close to the William Morris gallery, I have a greater appreciation for old ‘Topsy.’  I live in the type of Victorian building that would have sprung up 44 years after he moved away from Walthamstow.   For me, Morris & Co soft furnishings and wallpapers are still as relevant today and this would be my wishlist:


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Dream Morris interiors: