Rugby Street

This week, I’m photo bombing you with inspirational moments from my Saturday afternoon.  A saunter down Rugby St to Pentreath & Hall.  After a week of handbag design duties and Instagram envy- I’d been itching to see the Balineum pop up for myself.  

Not only has Sarah Watson (Founder of Balineum) taken this space to the next level by covering it with handcrafted Italian archive pattern tiles. I’m cast adrift to Capri, her fitting theme conjuring up sun drenched Amalfi coast holidays.  Powerful stuff, on a wet October afternoon.   Favourites include the green leaves of the “Felce’ pattern and the graphic feel of ‘Dama diagnole terracotta.    Robin Lucas’ fish and pelican illustrations are the icing on the cake!

Emergency bathroom renovation in my flat required now!!!  Who would have a boring old white metro tile when you could spend all afternoon in a bathroom this glamorous?  

 "I’d run a bath, drink an aperol spritz and read The Leopard."  

Nipping next door to Pentreath & Hall, the riot of colour continues.  Linen splattered Bridie Hall x Melodi Horne lamps look incredible!  Glossy pediment mirrors put a contemporary spin on a classic.   Peter Hone plaster pieces – playful, classic, tasteful – I want them all.  Everything that happens at P&H is very clever, homely and fun.   This kind of craftsmanship is magical.