Duck Island Cottage

I like Duck Island Cottage a lot!  It’s twee and about as Swiss as a bar of Toblerone.  Yet, it celebrates the ordinary (ducks and geese) with an extraordinary building - something the Victorians were so good at.  In 1841, the Bird keeper of St James’ park needed a place to live and this little chalet was designed to be the perfect contrast to the grand surrounding government buildings.  Not mentioning one disgraced Peter Viggers and his own duck island which became the symbol of the MP expenses scandal in 2010!!! 

Perhaps some blog readers know whose green fingers attend to the pretty kitchen gardens? Please tell them how much I admire the rainbow chard crop and the wooden log stash dotted with ceramic tiles.   Much love goes into tending it, I can tell.  

There can be quite a stench if you stand on the bridge, those ducks whiff a bit! And you’ll have to dodge spooning couples  - but the view downstream is a restful place to perch and ponder the changing seasons.  Very important at this time of year I feel.  Further round in the park, lies some fantastic tropical planting.  A reminder of how lucky we are in London to be able to grow almost anything.