Peter Hone

GAH! – my initial reaction on learning that Peter Hone is to sell the entire contents of his Ladbroke Grove flat at Christies on 26th of October. The interior is fabulous and that’s just flat, the man himself sounds quite the character!  It’s the type of interior I’d probably go for myself if I lived alone, rather than currently dodging my lodger’s washing: eccentric, a trifle uncomfortable, with absolutely no signs of technology.  Except for the flat screen TV, vaguely tolerated by his decorative plaster moulds. 

Christies have written a brilliant article on his life and collection, which I won’t rehash.  Peter is the ultimate renaissance man.  How exciting to liberate your treasures, and start with a blank canvas (his next project is to grisaille the walls). I’d love to give it a go myself; purging and painting!  The sale preview is not to be missed and I’ll be keeping an eye out for what he does next.  At 75 he says he is:  ‘in my prime, Miss Brodie,’ – what a film to reference!

After years of pondering what to fill the space above the sitting room radiator (too hot for a painting, or furniture) with - I reckon a wall of Peter’s plaster casts would do just nicely.  If only I had deeper pockets!  You can also buy his decorative plaster work from Pentreath & Hall and Lassco.  I love the picture of him outside his casting room at Lassco dubbed “ The Hone Exchange.’

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