Pretty in Pink

After years of banishing pink from my wardrobe and ruling it out for being too sugary - pink things seem to have crept back in to my life.  

   Not only have I decided it’s actually quite flattering, it also seems very easy to live with on the walls.  Even the blog got the pink treatment when I moved it from Wordpress to Squarespace last summer.  I’m pained that Pantone beat me to it and named Rose Quartz pink, colour of 2016, when I’ve been wanting to paint my hall pink for three years.  I keep my pink Ed Kluz print next to my writing desk as a reminder to make it happen! 

Here is a roundup of the pink things I’m currently drawn to in no particular order; 

The Duchess of Devonshire's home The Old Vicarage.  I'm dying to see to the Sotheby's sale of her house contents on 2nd March.  If anyone wants to come along, drop me a email.

The pink house at Boscastle, Cornwall and happy memories of holidays. 

Three photos dedicated to The Landmark Trust's Belmont, an 18th century maritime villa in Lyme Regis - heaven. 

Photo courtesy of The Landmark Trust.

Photo courtesy of The Landmark Trust.

Photo courtesy of The Landmark Trust.

Forced rhubarb season. 

....grown by candlelight in the Yorkshire triangle

The most versatile paint colour Farrow & Ball's Pink Ground

Robert Redford looking sharp in The Great Gatsby

A bedroom I never tire of, you couldn't fail to sleep well in this one. 

Penny Morrison's Welsh country home

The pink house on Eden Rd, Walthamstow village, note the pink on pink door

A reminder not to let it get out of control.....

JeongMee Yoon/Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Jenkins Johnson Gallery

I grew out of pink once, but I've got a feeling it's here to stay.